YES! IELTS for Schools

Course Overview

YES! IELTS is a writing course using a blended learning approach, integrating carefully constructed online study activities with assistance and encouragement from a real-life tutor.

Students work through their course step-by-step and each time they complete and submit an activity, their teacher receives an alert message. The teacher then checks their students’ answers and if necessary writes back to with suggestions or corrections.

This interactive method means that students can study by themselves to their own timetable, yet you have the ongoing support of a real teacher throughout their learning program.

As a school, you allocate your own teacher (or teachers) who facilitate(s) your course.

Training and support are provided.

Course Aims

By the end of the writing course students will be able to:

  • present a fully developed position in answer to the question with relevant, fully extended, and well-supported ideas (Task Analysis)

  • sequence ideas and information logically, manage aspects of cohesion, and skilfully manage paragraphing (Coherence & Cohesion)

  • show off a wide range of vocabulary fluently and flexibly to convey precise meaning (Lexical Resource)

  • show off grammatical ability by demonstrating a wide range of structures with flexibility and accuracy (Grammatical Range and Accuracy)

Course Management

  • Asynchronous: the teacher does not have to be online at the same time as the students, but receives email alerts of student activity and assignment submissions. This is excellent for providing guided independent study activities for a class during one-on-one student-teacher time such as student-teacher interviews, evaluations, or speaking tests.

  • Completely online: no need for photocopying, no printing, and no wasted paper

  • Moodle only: no external software or other programs needed; only internet access is needed. No high bandwidth necessary. It is not necessary to have your own Moodle site, but if your school already has Moodle, this course can be added to your school’s existing Moodle using LTI (external tool) (Moodle 2.4+).

  • Delivery: can be used across a variety of devices (computer, tablet, smartphone).

  • Control: can be restricted to a school’s IP address.

  • Multi-use: the course has multiple uses: it can be used to support an existing course, on its own, or as the main course with supplementary materials.

  • Personalised: each student works through their own course and receives personalised feedback on their individual work.

  • Grouped: teachers receive the work from their own face-to-face class students

  • Easy marking: clear marking criteria and grading rubrics are provided.

Course Content

  • New and original materials: not published anywhere else.

  • Quality materials: used successfully since 2010.

  • Practical: the content is based on the IELTS writing band descriptors and pinpoints exactly what the students need to do to achieve their required level.

  • Time management: students learn strategies for how to use time effectively and efficiently during the test.

  • Scaffolded: students work from guided to independent through carefully constructed tutorials.

  • Completion checking: students and teachers can easily see how much of the course they have completed at any given moment.

  • Multi-level: can be used with different level students: IELTS 5.5 – 9


There are two types of pricing available, depending on your needs:

Type 1

  • Individual student, 3-monthly course access

  • Can start any time

  • Access from any computer via the internet

  • AUD $35 per student per course

Type 2

  • School-wide, 3-monthly (13 week) course access

  • Students can start at any time within 3-month period

  • Enrolments automatically roll-over if access period is extended (new password required)

  • Course commencement date can be changed to suit your semesters

  • Access from within your school or from any computer on the internet
  • Price per 3 months (13 weeks)
    Number of Students Price per 13 weeks
    Tier 1 10 - 50 $500
    Tier 2 51 - 100
    Tier 3 101 - 200
    Tier 4 201 - 500 $3500
Prices are in Australian dollars. Payment can be made via Bank Transfer, PayPal or Credit/Debit Card using PayPal. Pricing valid April 2014.
For further information and a demo, please contact Tish Kirkland:

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