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Tish Kirkland

Bachelor of Arts (Education), Diploma of Teaching, CELTA

profile pic Tish Kirkland has been teaching English as a Second/Foreign language since 2002 and IELTS since 2003.

Her interest in global education arose from her own school years, during which she attended local schools in New Zealand and Canada, and an international school in Saudi Arabia.

She has worked as an English language teacher and examiner in England, Tunisia, New Zealand, and Australia, as Director of Studies and School Manager in Ireland, and now teaches students from all around the world through her online e-courses.

Having personally faced the challenges of living and working abroad, Tish is passionate about helping others get their English language qualifications so that they can enjoy a positive experience in an English-speaking country.

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Karl Prodger 

Master of Arts (Applied Linguistics), Bachelor of Business Management

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Karl's passion is for teaching English and this desire was found when he taught in South Korea for a number of years mainly at Daegu University. He observed the test preparation that went into TOEIC and realised that test preparation skills were definitely needed.

At Kaplan International in Brisbane, Karl taught IELTS, CAE and FCE before going on to be the IELTS Head teacher at Viva College. During this time, he identified key skills that will make a difference in IELTS exam preparation and he looks forward to helping you learn and improve.

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