YES! IELTS offers a virtual learning environment (VLE) using Moodle, integrating carefully constructed online study activities with assistance and encouragement from a real-life experienced IELTS tutor.

You will work through your e-course step-by-step and each time you complete and submit an activity, your tutor will receive an email to alert them of this. Your tutor will then check your answers and if necessary will write back to you with suggestions or corrections pertaining to your answers. Because the activities are sequential, it's important you complete every activity in the order given.

This interactive method means that you can study by yourself to your own timetable, yet you have the ongoing support of a real tutor throughout your learning program.

Video demonstration (best viewed in large screen):

Writing e-Courses

The Writing e-Courses feature completely original material and have an Australian/New Zealand flavour to them as they are created by a New Zealander residing in Australia. The topics are relevant to everyday life in New Zealand and Australia. As you work through your writing course, your tutor will monitor your progress and provide guidance along every essential step. These online courses are designed so that you can interact with, and receive support, from your tutor.

I highly recommend you do each 50-minute tutorial in one sitting. Schedule 1 hour of your time and sit down to do the whole tutorial. It is very helpful if you can arrange your diary so that you can schedule all 10 tutorials in and have a study plan. That way you have an organised timeslot for your YES! IELTS study time and you can utilise your time as efficiently as possible. Please note that some tutorials may take slightly longer or slightly shorter than 50 minutes; this time is a guide only.

Practice Tests - Speaking
In the Speaking Practice Tests, you will undertake authentic past IELTS speaking tests via Skype. I use a variety of IELTS Speaking Test resources; mainly utilising those from the Cambridge IELTS books.

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Schools - are you interested in licensing any of our Writing or Reading courses? Please contact Tish (tish@yes-ielts.com) for further information.
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