Course Description

IELTS Writing Course with Online Teacher Support: Task 2 (General)

  • This online, interactive, asynchronous e-course is aimed at students who require an IELTS bandscore of 7 or higher
  • It includes all original study material which is exclusive to YES! IELTS
  • The 10 x 50-minute interactive, sequential tutorials will build your skills step-by-step. You will:
    • Self-study at your own pace and to your own schedule
    • Receive guidance and customised feedback from your personally assigned tutor
    • Acquire strategies to maximise your ability to get a higher bandscore
    • Learn how to use your time efficiently during the test
    • Undertake authentic timed practice
    • Obtain accurate bandscore grading and error correction for 6 x IELTS Task 2 Writing tests (included in the tutorials)
    • Get integrated support to achieve success in:
      • Task Analysis: learn how to present a fully developed position in answer to the question with relevant, fully extended, and well-supported ideas
      • Coherence & Cohesion: learn to sequence ideas and information logically, manage all aspects of cohesion, and skilfully manage paragraphing
      • Lexical Resource: learn how to show off your wide range of vocabulary fluently and flexibly to convey precise meaning
      • Grammatical Range and Accuracy: show off your grammatical ability by demonstrating a wide range of structures with flexibility and accuracy
    • Course Outline (PDF)
    • 4-week access
    • Cost: $AU 277.00